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International Exhibition 1862

Four albumen prints, size is 5 x 3.5inch on London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company mounts, then onto part album leaves. Two mounted separately and two mounted back to back. The Nave from the Western Dome, Nave Looking Towards Western Dome, The Nave from the Eastern Dome and The Austrian Court No.2. The London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company employed a team of photographers including William England, William Russell Sedgefield and Stephen Thompson to produce images at the exhibition.

Condition: Excellent contrast on all images. Some minor surface marks.

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Price: £45

The Temple of Borobudur, Java by James Hornell

James Hornell (1865-1949), was a British nautical historian, a member of the Linnean Society and a prolific writer. He was an expert on pearl fishing and marine worms. Silver print 8.5 x 5 inches in size. Hand written inscription on back with Hornell's signature. Dated 23-3-36.

Condition: Very good image with slight colour tinge.

Price: £25

Statue Made of Poison

Exhibit at Ceruschi Museum Paris, dated on back 30th September 1931, showing a statue described as being removed from a Brahman Temple and made of sulphur of arsenic, which is poisonous. Note attached stating the statue was loaned for the exhibition by Mme. Poberejski. 8 x 6 inch sepia silver print.

Condition: Light indentations to surface. Archive stamp on back.

Price: £22

Cambodia, Ruins of Angkor

Silver print, 8.5x 6.5 inches. Sky has been blackened out.Hand written inscription on back.

Condition: Excellent contrast. Wear to edges of print.

Price: £15