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Woman with Book (Gilchrest)

Woman with Book. Sixth plate daguerreotype complete in case. Mat is embossed "Gilchrest". There was a George C.Gilchrest, photographer of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Condition: Dust specks under glass and spots like small water droplets over surface. Image is very good with delicate colouring. Case is excellent.

Price: £70

'What a Butcher'

Sixth plate daguerreotype labelled as 'Great Grandfather Buchanan, What a butcher' with a strip of Buchanan tartan pinned to inside of case. Date approx. late 1840s to mid 1850s.

Condition: Slightly dark image, some spots and dust under glass. Case is very good.

Price: £80

Family Group Daguerreotype

Family Group in unusual off centre pose which appears amateurish. Quarter plate size.

Condition: Image is very good, previously resealed. Case has slight distortion.

Price: £50

Daguerreotype of Man with Necktie

Sixth plate daguerreotype in a plain, red morrocan case. American image.

Condition: Strong image. Some small spots. Case is complete with usual handling wear.

Price: £40

Daguerreotype of Woman with Lace Gloves

Sixth plate daguerreotype in case no.280, geometric/scroll (Krainik and Walvoord).

Condition: Some dust and spots on image. Image is good. Case has some wear to raised edges, (see photo).

Price: £40

Daguerreotype of Gent with Curls in No.346 Union Case

Sixth plate daguerreotype in No.346 geometric/scroll union case made by Peck and Halvorson, a scarce case (Krainik and Walvoord). There is a Peck and Halvorson label under the image.

Condition: Image is very strong. Some oxidation on edges.Small chip to case (see photo.)

Price: £65