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Rice Family Triplets

Rice Family Triplets. Born in Germany. Image by J.Wood, 208 Bowery. New York, a photographer who specialised in images of celebrities and renowned for images of baseball players.

Condition: Light handling wear. Image contrast is very good. Early pen and later pencil inscriptions on back of carte.

Price: £35

Cassie and Victoria Foster

Cassie and Victoria Foster. Catherine (Cassie) and Victoria Foster were two of eleven children born to Thomas Henry Foster and Elizabeth Ann (Chute) in the town of Hampton, Nova Scotia. Exceptionally small at birth (various reports record their birth weights at between one and two and a half pounds), the girls would have an outsize influence on the cultural scene in the early 1870s. The first public notice of the girls, born seven years apart, appeared in the Saint John Telegram (New Brunswick) in June of 1872 and read, in part, They are supposed to be the smallest specimens of humanity, according to their age, in the country. Cassie, the eldest, is seven years old and weighs only twelve pounds. The other is fourteen months old, and weighs only six pounds … They are perfect in form and feature and look like little dolls. Their parents are of medium size, who have several other children of ordinary size … It is the intention of their parents to exhibit them on their return from Bridgewater, wither they have gone to visit friends. By December of that year, the girls had begun their touring career in Boston at the Tremont Temple. Displayed onstage in variety of outfits and tableaux. Unfortunately, the career of the Fairy Sisters was to be a brief one. Victoria succumbed to meningitis in November of 1874 at the age of 3½; Cassie died at the age of 11 in October of 1875 of erysipelas, a bacterial skin infection also known as "St. Anthony's Fire." They were buried together under one stone in the Hampton Cemetery in their hometown.(Massachusetts Historical Society).

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Condition: Excellent. Clean carte, good image

Price: £65

Charles and Eliza Nestel

Charles and Eliza Nestel, also known as Commodore Foote and sister, or sometimes "and Fairy Queen". They were two of six children born to Daniel and Henrietta Nestel, who emigrated to America from Prussia. The parents and siblings were of average height. Charles and Eliza toured the world to perform.

Condition: Corners rounded, image is very strong

Price: £18

General Mite

General Mite. This carte, published by Brown, Barnes and Bell, shows General Mite at 17 years old and weighing 9 pounds. Real name was Francis Joseph Flynn born in New York, (6 October 1864 – 5 October 1898). Billed as ‘Assuredly the Smallest Man in the World'.He performed around the world. In 1876, his autobiography was published in Philedelphia called,'Life of general Mite. Written by Himself'.

Condition: Rubbing to back. Image is very good

Price: £22