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Stereoviews Genre

Chimney Sweep in Snow

Stereoview showing a chimney sweep coming in to house covered in snow

Condition: Some heavy staining and wear to mount. Handling wear to image

Price: £12

Woman Sewing (Needle Money) by Alfred Silvester

Stereoview showing a woman sewing. Sewing equipment and mirror sit on a table. Strange background with damage to plaster wall? Titled Needle Money. View by Alfred Silvester

Condition: Excellent with minor handling wear.

Price: £22

Maid Serving Sherry (Sherry Sir)

Stereoview showing a maid with sherry and glasses on a tray

Condition: Staining to mount. Colours are good.

Price: £12

Washer Women

An interesting group of women washing various garments, while a man sits in a chair reading a paper. A horn or bugle lies on the floor.

Condition: Hand tinted view with handling wear to mount. Images are good.

Price: £12

Oh! How Nasty "The Black Draught."

Oh! How Nasty "The Black Draught." Stereoview an artistic looking man drinking tea?

Condition: Heavy staining to mount, overlapping slightly onto top of images. Images and 3D are good.

Price: £15

Piano Player with Audience

A woman plays a piano with a man and group of young ladies listening. Hull chemist label on back.

Condition: Staining to mount. Tinted images are very good.

Price: £15

The Piano Player

The Piano Player. A young lady plays the piano as two men and two young girls look on

Condition: Some staining to mount. Tinted images are very good

Price: £15

Young Lady Piano Player

A young lady plays the piano, another acts as page turner

Condition: Wear to mount. Tinted images are good

Price: £12

Joan of Arc Taken Prisoner by James Elliott

Joan of Arc Taken Prisoner from the English History Series by James Elliott. View mount is stamped J Elliott bottom left. Excellent image for 3d viewing

Condition: Images are very good. Mount has some spotting

Price: £35

Don Quixote in His Study by William Lake Price

William Lake Price was a painter as well as a photographer. This is one of his literary character studies from 1855.

Condition: Handling wear to mount and stain to right hand image.

Price: £65