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Vintage Cameras, Photographs, Books and Ephemera

Camera Literature


Leaflet for Microflex Twin Lens Reflex Camera by MPP.

Condition: Very Good.

Price: £7


Advertising leaflet and camera manual for Microcord twin lens reflex camera by MPP.

Condition: Manual is very good. Leaflet has handling wear.

Price: £12

Ilford Formulae

48 page booklet describing Ilford photographic chemical formulae for developers etc.

Condition: Light handling wear to pages.

Price: £6

Ilford Plates, Papers and Film c1938

60 pages describing the photographic plates, papers and film availble in 1938.

Condition: Very good but staples are rusted.

Price: £7

Ensign Winter Nights

80 pages of Ensign products for Winter photography, lantern projection and cinematography c1930s.

Condition: Light wear.

Price: £10

The Ensign Way to Better Photography c1936

64 page catalogue of Ensign products c1936 including the early Autorange and Multex cameras

Condition: Very Good.

Price: £12

Better Photography, The Ensign Way

64 page catalogue of camera and photographic products from the late 1930s. Includes the Zecaflex and Multex II cameras.

Condition: Very Good.

Price: £12

Rolleiflex 2.8F Manual

35 page instruction manual for 2.8F Twin lens reflex camera. Included is a welcome letter signed by Franke and Heidecke.

Condition: Very clean booklet.

Price: £15

DALLMEYER Lenses and Apparatus. Incl. Super-Six and Dallac Lenses

56 pages of Dallmeyer lenses, cameras and accessories. Some classic equipment including Adon, Dallon, Super-Six, Pentac, Mutac and Dallac lenses. Lenses for Leica, Dallmeyer speed camera, shutters etc.

Condition: Very good with usual handling wear. Pages are clean.

Price: £120