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35mm Rangefinder Cameras

Leica III Chrome Body

Leica III Body c1938-39.

Condition: The camera is used and shows signs in keeping with it's age. View and rangefinder are good, shutter fires and blinds look good. Speeds are working but not tested for full accuracy.

Price: £195

Gomz Leningrad Camera

35mm coupled rangefinder made in USSR with clockwork wind-on. Lens is 50mm F2 Jupiter 8. Case, cap and yellow filter are included.

Condition: Clean working camera in used condition. Lens optics are good, back element is showing some balsam glue on edges.

Price: £125

Gomz Leningrad Case

Ever ready case for Leningrad camera.

Condition: Used with wear to inside.

Price: £15

Computar 18-108mm F2.5 Lens

Cine lens in C-Mount

Condition: Very clean and smooth.

Price: £30

Diax IIB with 50mm F2.8 Xenar Lens

Well made German 35mm rangefinder c1956-57 with Schneider Kreuznach lens. Instruction manual in English, German and French.

Condition: Working camera with normal signs of use. Rangefinder is clean and bright. Lens optics and functions are good.

Price: £85

Zorki 1e (Faulty)

Zorki rangefinder c1954-56.

Condition: Faulty, shutter curtain creased and shutter not firing, due to curtain no doubt. Cosmetically, very good, clean camera.

Price: £40

Zorki 1c (Faulty)

Russian 35mm rangefinder camera body c1951-53.

Condition: Shutter curtain creased, shutter not firing correctly. Very good cosmetically.

Price: £40

Reid Camera Case

Ever ready camera case for Reid rangefinder camera.

Condition: Used, complete. Wear to interior red velvet lining.

Price: £45

Canon 135mm F3.5 Lens

Canon screw fit telephoto lens introduced in 1952, it is a 4 element lens. Comes in original case with both caps and finder.

Condition: Very clean lens, clear optics, smooth functions.

Price: £145