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Jupiter 11 135mm F4 Kiev Fit

Telephoto for Kiev bayonet mount cameras. Caps and case included.

Condition: Clean lens.

Price: £32

Helios 44M 58mm F2 Lens

Russian M42 fit standard lens.

Condition: Clean optics. Focus has one high spot.

Price: £22

Gomz Leningrad Camera

35mm coupled rangefinder made in USSR with clockwork wind-on. Lens is 50mm F2 Jupiter 8. Case, cap and yellow filter are included.

Condition: Clean working camera in used condition. Lens optics are good, back element is showing some balsam glue on edges.

Price: £125

Gomz Leningrad Case

Ever ready case for Leningrad camera.

Condition: Used with wear to inside.

Price: £15

Jupiter 21M 200mm F4 Lens

Russian made 200mm lens in M42/Screw mount.

Condition: Clean optics and smooth functions.

Price: £45

Zorki 1e (Faulty)

Zorki rangefinder c1954-56.

Condition: Faulty, shutter curtain creased and shutter not firing, due to curtain no doubt. Cosmetically, very good, clean camera.

Price: £40

Zorki 1c (Faulty)

Russian 35mm rangefinder camera body c1951-53.

Condition: Shutter curtain creased, shutter not firing correctly. Very good cosmetically.

Price: £40

TK-2 L39 Russian 2x Converter

Russian made 2x converter for L39 screw fit lenses. Comes in original case. Uncommon accessory!

Condition: Optics are clean and clear. Nice accessory.

Price: £65

MIR 24H 35mm F2 Lens

Wide angle Russian made lens, multi coated in Nikon mount. Originally for Kiev 17,18,19,19M and 20 cameras.

Condition: Play on aperture ring. Optics are clean. Lens functions are very good.

Price: £130

Vilia 35mm Camera

35mm Russian made compact camera with 40mm F4 lens. Made by Belomo of Minsk between 1973-86.

Condition: Used camera, functions are good.

Price: £24