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Leica Screw

Leica Standard c1934 with 5cm ELMAR Lens

Leica Standard c1934 with 5cm ELMAR Lens c1931 (11 O'Clock ELMAR).

Condition: Camera body in used, working condition, worthy of a camera of nearly 90 years old.. Lens optics have some fine cleaning marks but generally, very good. Iris is smooth.

Price: £695

Leica II (Model D) with 5cm Elmar F3.5 Lens

Leica II (Model D) with 5cm Elmar F3.5 Lens. Chrome Leica II with matching lens, both manufactured in 1938.

Condition: Used camera, small ding to top plate. Shutter sticks at slowest speed. Lens optics have some fine dust specks.

Price: £250

Leica FIKUS Adjustable Lenshood

Leica FIKUS Adjustable Lenshood, made from 1933 to 1965. For 3.5cm to 13.5cm lenses. Chrome Version.

Condition: Well used, some brassing. Locking clamps are good

Price: £20

Leica FISON 5cm Lenshood

Leica FISON 5cm Lenshood A36 clamp on

Condition: Used, with signs of wear. Clamp is good

Price: £25

Leitz SUMMAR 5cm F2 Lens

Leitz SUMMAR 5cm F2 Lens c1938

Condition: Visible cleaning marks to front optic. Focus and iris are smooth

Price £150

Leica IIIG Speed Dial (New)

Leica IIIG Speed Dial, unused, new old stock

Condition: Unused

Price: £25

Leica FLQOO Lenshood

Leica FLQOO Lenshood in black for 3.5cm ELMAR Lens. A36 screw fit.

Condition: Very good with some brassing.

Price: £120

Leica CTOOM Flashbracket

Leica CTOOM Flashbracket.

Condition: Very good. Light use.

Price: £12

Leitz NOOKY Close Focus Device

Leitz NOOKY Close Focus Device for use with 5cm ELMAR lens. Box included.

Condition: Used. Smooth focus and clean optic. Box colour is faded.

Price: £32

LEITZ SEROO 9cm Folding Finder

LEITZ SEROO 9cm Folding Finder. Introduced in the 1930s to fit into accessory shoe.

Condition: Used. Optic is very good.

Price: £125

Leica ISOOZ Screw-M Adapter

Leica ISOOZ Screw-M Adapter for using 50mm and 135mm screw lenses on M fit cameras.

Condition: Very Good.

Price: £45

Leica WINTU Right Angle Finder

Leica WINTU Right Angle Finder c1930s with case.

Condition: Used, some brassing. Small scratch on glass. 2 small spots visible in finder.

Price: £30


APDOO self timer in leather case. Later version with chrome dial.

Condition: Used, working condition.

Price: £39


Leica 5cm FISON Lenshood with aperture adjusting ring, VOOLA, for ELMAR lenses.

Condition: Used, very good.

Price: £50

Nicca Type 3 Body

Made by Nicca Camera Works Ltd. c1949-50. Around 4000 made. Baseplate lock inscribed "Made in Occupied Japan".

Condition: Clean working camera. Exc+

Price: £180