Walpamur Paint Company

After perfecting the art of commercial wallpaper production in the 1800’s, the first experiments in water based paints began in 1904, with Walpamur Paint Company established two years later in 1906. Walpamur grew from strength to strength with its paint even being used for the Demarcation stripes on all planes in the D-Day landing in 1944. First introduced to the market in the 1970’s, Crown was originally a brand name under Walpamur, with the company officially becoming Crown Paints Ltd in the 1990’s. (Courtesy of : www.crowntrade.co.uk/about-crown-trade/history/). A photographic record of office and factory workers in the Walpamur Paint Works, Darwen, Lancashire c1920s.

Condition description: 
16x12cm album. Photographs mounted on black leaves. Original binding. Very Good
Photograph Condition: 
Very good
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  • Walpamur Paint Company
  • Walpamur Paint Company
  • Walpamur Paint Company
  • Walpamur Paint Company