Condition and Grading

Photographs are difficult to reproduce effectively with a scan or camera, but with the help of a written description, we hope to get close.
We offer a money back guarantee if you are not pleased with the item you receive.
Please contact to discuss condition.

Photograph Grading

  1. Mint - As New 
  2. Excellent - Good sharp image, excellent contrast. No defects. 
  3. Very Good - Good Contrast, slight defect, minimal 
  4. Good - Some marks or staining on image. 
  5. Fair - Minor tears or scuffs 
  6. Poor - Some major defects as described.

With any defects explained in the written description

The above condition will be for the image only.
The mount, paper, glass or plate condition will be given in the description.


Listed in Inches and Millimetres
Image shown will not be a true reflection of image size for sale.

Camera condition

Cosmetic Condition Classification System

  • 0 New, never been sold. MINT+
  • 1 As new, never used, boxed. MINT
  • 2 Indistinguishable from new. MINT
  • 3 Very minimal signs of use. EXC +++
  • 4 Signs of light use. EXC ++
  • 5 Signs of normal use. EXC +
  • 6 Signs of heavy use, excellent functional condition. EXC
  • A As new, manufactures warranty.
  • B As new, no warranty.
  • C Recent professional service with guarantee. 
  • D Recent professional service, no longer guaranteed.
  • E Major functions recently checked (i.e. used recently).
  • F Fully functioning but accuracy not checked.
  • G Useable but with listed faults

Lens Optics

  • i As New
  • ii Light dust specks
  • iii Dust or Slight Haze
  • iv Coating marks-light cleaning marks
  • v Hazy optics-cleaning marks
  • vi Fungus
  • vii Scratched optic
  • viii Not useable, just for show